Socializing with Cats and Guests

When you’re at the lounge without any guests, please spend time with the cats. Visit the ones in pens and kennels. Brush them. Assist with nail trimming. Play with them. Pet them. Photograph them and share them with social media, with friends, and/or with Jennifer.

If you find yourself staring at your phone, go find a cat to pet or play with instead. The better you get to know each cat, the easier it will be for you to talk with guests about them.

When guests are present, remember that they have paid for the pleasure of visiting with the cats. Let them have the toys, the brushes, the lap cats. We are there to assist, chat, answer questions, maintain a peaceful environment, and keep an eye out for safety.

If you find yourself monopolizing a cat, step back and give the guest a chance to play with or pet that cat.

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