New Cat/Kitten Intake Protocol 

This is the form we use to help ensure we are looking after the cats and kittens we take in.

Name ____________________      DOB _______________ (known/est.)

Microchip # _______________________________     Gender  M / F

Date of Spay/Neuter _______________

FIV status __________         FeLV status __________     Rabies vaccine _____

Dose 1 _____ 
Dose 2 (kittens) _____ 
Dose 3 (kittens)  _____ 
Dose 4 (kittens)  _____

Pyrantel Pamoate
Dose 1 _____ 
Dose 2 _____ 
Dose 3 _____

Dose 1 _____
Dose 2 _____

Dose 1 _____
Dose 2 _____

Dose 1 _____
Schedule (kittens)
4 weeks of age: pyrantel pamoate, ponazuril, selamectin
6 weeks: pyrantel pamoate, ponazuril 
8 weeks: FVRCP, pyrantel pamoate, praziquantel 
10 weeks: praziquantel 
12 weeks: FVRCP 
16 weeks: FVRCP 
20 weeks: FVRCP


Kittens who are weaned: Add a probiotic to wet food daily for first 5 days (Pro Viable or Bene Bac); use as needed if stools get loose. Offer wet food first and controlled amounts of dry food. Stop kibble if stools get loose. 

Kittens who are weaned: Add Pro Pectalin tablet (crushed) to food if stools are loose. 1 tablet per 20 pounds

Cats and Kittens: Diagel (1 or 2 doses) can be used if diarrhea present

Cats in the lounge: add Immuno Support to wet food for first week and after surgery

Pyrantel pamoate – roundworm, hookworm
Give once, give again 2-3 weeks later
0.1 ml per pound/454 g
Ponazuril – coccidia
25 mg/lb (100mg/ml)
1 lbs = .25 ml
Panacur – roundworm, hookworm, whipworm, some tapeworm, giardia
3 days for worms
5 days for giardia 
Weight in lbs * .23 for ml dose
Praziquantel – tapeworm
½ tablet for kittens up to 4 pounds
1 tablet for cats 4-11 pounds
1.5 for over 11 pounds
Give once, repeat in 2 weeks
Drontal (praziquantel and pyrantel pamoate) – roundworm, hookworm, tapeworm
Give once, repeat in two weeks

General Comments and Notes from Other Protocols for KITTENS in foster:

Start FVRCP at 6 weeks and give every 3-4 weeks until 18-20 weeks

Pyrantel Pamoate upon intake (4 weeks or older), then again every two weeks for three doses total

Ponazuril upon intake (4 weeks or older) and then again 1-2 weeks later 

Selamectin/Revolution at 4 weeks or older

Praziquantel at 6 weeks then 2 weeks later

*Panacur is not used regularly in the protocols I found BUT can be used for 5 days if giardia is suspected or when loose stools aren’t firming up despite probiotics, etc. 

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