Some of the kitties you see here may not yet be available or out in the lounge with the other cats. Newer cats spend some time getting used to our space before they can join everyone. Bonded pairs are indicated and need to be adopted together. We encourage you to read our blog post Things to Consider When Adopting a Cat if you’re considering a new family member.

All adoptions begin with a visit and we ask all potential adopters to pay the entrance fee to help support our efforts (that fee, up to $40, will be applied to your adoption fee should you adopt). Schedule a visit here to meet our kitties (or walk in, space permitting). Sometimes a follow-up visit might be requested (and if we do it will be no charge). We strongly encourage reservations, especially on the weekend, since we limit the number of visitors in the lounge at any one time.

All of our cats are spayed/neutered, microchipped, and up-to-date on age-appropriate vaccinations. Our adoption fee is $150 ($225 for pairs). All of our cats are rescues, primarily from shelters and other animal-rescue organizations that we partner with, and we share whatever medical history we have. We cannot make any guarantees regarding future health. We reserve the right to request an in-person or virtual home visit after an application has been submitted. We prefer to adopt out within a 20-mile radius. Applications can be processed in 24-48 hours if the applicant is responsive.

We look for adopters who can demonstrate financial independence and stability. If you rent be prepared to show in writing that cats are allowed at your property. If you have roommates or are an adult living at home with parents we will need to verify that all of the adults in the home approve of adopting a cat. We look for stability in the home as our mission is for cats to find safe, loving, permanent homes. That includes the ability to cover unexpected costs immediately and in the future, the ability to take them with you should you choose or need to move, and so on. Cats are not disposable. We will ask about your legacy plan for your cat(s) should something happen to you and you can no longer care for your cat(s). Everyone should have a plan so that beloved pets do not wind up in a shelter. We strongly believe cats in our area should be indoor-only (this article lists many reasons why, as does this article). Some of our cats have videos on our YouTube channel.

We aim to make a great match between cats and adopters so be ready to have a conversation with us about the cat(s)/kitten(s) you’re interested in. Are we selective? We are. Not all applications are approved. We invest our love, time, and money into these cats and kittens and love them like our own.

Didn’t find your purrfect match? There are many cats and kittens looking for homes in our area.