I’m brand new to the lounge. I was at the Camarillo shelter but Cassie’s Cats had room for me so now I get to live in their special catio while I get used to being in a new place. I hope my new person will find me here soon so I can get back to lounging on the sofa and sleeping with my person. I like to cuddle in laps and purr. Please come meet me!

Princess was surrendered to VCAS after her owner passed away and is an extremely affectionate kitty. In her previous home she lived with multiple cats and has had good experiences sharing space with feline siblings. 🐈 Princess recently had corrective surgery for entropion – a condition where a cat’s eyelids roll inward and cause irritation. Thanks to the amazing work of the VCAS vet’s office, Princess’s eyes are now pain free and will continue to clear up!

We had a full vet exam done including bloodwork and overall Princess is in good health. She had a dental cleaning on February 17th that included 3 tooth extractions. She’s healing well and has an excellent appetite! She has gained nearly a pound since joining us (and at only 8.2 pounds she could stand to gain a little weight).

  • Name: Princess
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: 1/18/11 (est.)