I’m a big, active, energetic you guy who is looking for a home that can play hard with me, wear me out, and love me unconditionally! I wear a harness just fine and might be an excellent candidate for learning to be an adventure cat. While I need to be an indoor cat I would probably absolutely love a sturdy catio!

I’m having a hard time making friends at the lounge because I come on very strong but with the right cat – maybe someone just a bit younger but with confidence? – I might really do well. I might even do ok with the right dog but the volunteers here aren’t 100% sure on that. (I lived with an elderly dog in my first home.) Otherwise, I could be someone’s solo best friend who will provide lots of laughs and love with my antics. I am super affectionate and love having human attention.

NOTE: Dotty will need an understanding adopter. He may not be good around young children and definitely needs an active and conscientious home.

  • Name: Dotty
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: June 1, 2022 (est.)
  • Arrival at Lounge: August 10, 2023