Kennels, Pens, Catios, etc.

We have several options for bringing in new cats and kittens and helping them acclimate. We sometimes attach some kind of sign to each space to let volunteers and visitors know who is inside and a little about their story.

Do not let a cat out of its space unless you have spoken directly to Jennifer about doing so.

Big Catio: This is the wooden structure in the main lounge room that has a screen door on it. Visitors can typically go inside to visit the cat(s) living in it.

Black Pen: This is the structure in the refrigerator room. Visitors are not allowed inside this pen.

Gray Catio: This is the wire mesh structure in the main room, next to the big catio. Visitors are not allowed inside this catio.

Bathroom and/or Hallway: Sometimes we use these spaces separately or together for new cats. Depending on the situation visitors may or may not be allowed in.

Kennels: We have a variety of kennels, including a 3-story kennel, a 2-story kennel, and 3 black wire kennels.

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