Celebrating Our Second Anniversary

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The lounge officially opened for public visits on June 2, 2021, so this Friday marks our second anniversary! We will have balloons outside and sparkling cider inside and we hope to see many visitors this weekend to help us celebrate.

Since opening we have had 123 adoptions, and we are currently caring for 12 more cats and kittens. Our oldest cats have included Sadie, Jacob, and Princess. Our longest resident is currently Link, having arrived in January of this year. Our longest resident ever was Rachel, adopted after 16 months at the lounge. Our volunteer roster hovers around 20 regular volunteers plus a few more who can fill in here and there. On any given week these volunteers are donating roughly 30-35 hours of their time, and Jennifer is at the lounge an additional 30-35 hours as well. In addition we have volunteers who bring filtered water for the cats, run fundraisers on Facebook, make recycling and thrift store runs, help repair and install things, do laundry, foster cats and kittens, drive cats to medical appointments, and more.

We hope you’ll stop by! Every dollar we raise through visits, adoptions, shopping, and donations goes straight toward helping the cats and maintaining this unique space for them in Ventura.