We are thrilled that you are interested in adopting one of our cats! Please fill out our application and we will be in touch with you very soon to discuss the adoption. Please note that applications are not automatically approved nor do we follow a first-come, first-served approach. We do our very best to match each cat up with the best fitting home for it. Incomplete applications will be declined.

Please include everyone who lives in your home, including roommates, etc.
Choose as many adjectives as necessary to give a brief but accurate glimpse into your household
If any of these roles are likely to change in the coming year please elaborate on that.
If there are, we will need to talk about the prospect of adding a cat to your home. If it is unknown, all members of the household should come spend at least 30 minutes in the lounge.
Cassie's Cats only adopts out to adopters who agree with an indoor-only philosophy. We recognize that options like catios, leashes and harnesses, and cat-safe backpacks or strollers can give cats a safe outdoor experience IF used thoughtfully, carefully, and appropriately.
All pet owners should have a plan for their pets, no matter their age. This becomes more and more important as we get older, however.
Screens should be well-fit and without holes. Cats can still push a screen out and open windows should be monitored.
If you do we will need to see that the door is closed and not accessible by a cat/kitten.
Some plants are toxic to cats and cat owners need to know what is safe to have inside.
Declawing is a barbaric and inhumane process. Cats need their claws and there are ways to help them scratch appropriately.
Cats live safer, longer, happier lives when not allowed to roam outside. They avoid wounds due to fights, fleas, tapeworms, and death by predators, cars, and humans with ill-intent.
Yearly vet check-ups are an important part of cat ownership. Your vet will be able to advise you on the best care for your cat, including vaccinations.
We require that adopters come to us if they are ever in a position where they are no longer able to care for their cat and do not have a trusted family member or friend who can give the cat a lifetime of safe and quality care.