We are Oliver and Ivy. We came to the lounge all the way from El Monte, CA! A nonprofit TNR group found us and when they saw we were friendly they made sure we’d have a chance to find good homes.

When we first came to the lounge we always cuddled together but we don’t do that as much anymore. We’re still shy here but we like being petted and will purr for the volunteers. Right now we are more active at night when it’s very quiet.

Please meet us and consider bringing us home for lots of love and companionship! In the right home with some patience and love we will blossom into wonderful kitties. We are hoping a kind adopter is out there to give us the chance we deserve. We might hide for a while in our new home but with time and love we will be sweet cats. We can be adopted together or separately.

Oliver here: I like coming out of my bed to greet the volunteers and get lots of pets and belly rubs! I tend to hide during the day but you might find me in one of the Kitty Kasa beds, in the bottom of the homemade cardboard kitty condos, or on the clean laundry in the back room. I really enjoy being petted and am a good eater and the volunteers are stumped as to why I still keep myself out of view during the day.

Ivy here: I’m the more nervous of the two of us. You might spot me sleeping out in the lounge and if you approach me quietly and gently I will probably let you pet me and may even lean in and purr. You can see a video of me enjoying some petting HERE.

Interested in adopting one or both of us? The first step is to meet us! You can schedule a visit HERE.

  • Names: Oliver and Ivy
  • Genders: Male and Female
  • Date of Birth: March 2021