Hi, I’m Missy! I’m a long-haired beauty if I do say so myself. My long black fur is really more of a brown when you see it in the sunlight, and my tail is absolutely stunning. I’d probably be happiest being the only cat but I do get along with the other cats in the lounge as long as they give me my space. I’m not really a cuddler but I do love to rub against people’s legs in the morning. I have gotten into Jennifer’s lap before so you never know what I might do when I’m finally in a real home! People who really understand cats appreciate me for who I am!

Things I Love: Being petted (on my terms), lounging in the lobby, chasing the fun ball toy on the string, hiding in the round tunnel, drinking from the water fountain, greeting volunteers first thing in the morning

My Dislikes: Being petted too much (I’ll let you know when I have had enough!), Michael getting in my space, being brushed

  • Name: Missy
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: May 2015