I’m Michael! I love attention and I really love to cuddle! I will climb right up on your lap and head butt your face, so watch out if you’re wearing glasses! I am extremely playful and especially love chasing the feather toy on the wand. When Jennifer tries to hide it on the top shelf I still find it and try to bring it down again. People say I have a ton of personality and that I even wag my tail like a dog. People call me an “alpha cat.” I think I’m just a nice guy!

My Likes: my feather toy, cuddling on a lap or a chest, greeting visitors when they come into the lounge, to lie flat on the ground with my back legs splayed out

My Dislikes: dogs, other male cats who I think might challenge me, when Missy gets in my space

  • Name: Michael
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 5 years (approx.)