Meet the Schitt’s Creek kittens! These four were trapped along with their mama, Rose, living under a dumpster in Oxnard. They went into foster when they were about 6 weeks old.

At this point, Alexis is still a touch timid but will come up for pets and snuggles, Twyla is fearless, David and Stevie are both quite social. All four are full of kitten energy and love to run, climb, jump, wrestle, and play. As they grow and get to know their new families their personalities and confidence levels will continue to emerge. At this age it is still hard to say with certainty what their adult personalities will be.

Alexis (F): Brown and white tabby
David (M): Brown tabby
Stevie (F): Gray tabby
Twyla (F): Brown tabby (a bit lighter in color and bigger in size than David)

Date of Birth: 3/27/22 (estimated)

All four are vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped, and spayed/neutered. We prefer kittens go in pairs or to homes with younger, playful cats. Please contact us if you would like to apply! Twyla video HERE.

NOTE: Kittens are still in foster and are not at the lounge.