January 1, 2021

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Here we are at the start of a new year. This time last year we were putting the finishing touches on all of our documents so that we could file as a corporation and then apply for tax-exempt status. We started a Facebook page in February but didn’t promote it right away, as we wanted to be sure our nonprofit status would be approved. We opened our bank account at the end of March (thank you to Carmen at Bank of the Sierra for making that happen when the shut-down was brand-new and businesses were reeling!). Since then we’ve raised money, researched retail spaces, made new friends, and reached more supporters both locally and across the country.

We’re starting the new year feeling supported and encouraged. We can see that the idea of a cat lounge and adoption center in Ventura appeals to people, as does the mission of saving more cats and kittens. One of our big goals, once we have the lounge open, is to expand our network of volunteers, train fosters as needed, and involve more of our community in our efforts.

As we begin 2021 I wanted to record a few numbers, as I think it’s good to be able to look back and see progress. Eventually, we’ll be able to track cat adoptions!!! We’ve raised nearly $12,000. We have 412 Facebook followers and 394 Instagram followers. In 2020 we fostered 19 cats and kittens. Of those, 4 are still here in foster and 1 is still waiting to be adopted (Sequoia, now known as Teba, at Greyfoot). We’ll continue to raise money with handmade items like masks, toys, and note cards, and we’re adding zipper pouches to the store later this month too! Once the lounge is open we envision having those things for sale as well as t-shirts and other items. If you haven’t seen our Bonfire t-shirts and sweatshirts, take a look!

If you’d like to get more involved this year I encourage you to fill out a volunteer application. I’d also suggest following us on Facebook or Instagram to keep up with our activities. Once there’s more to report we’ll send out regular newsletter updates as well. Once we have a place leased we’ll share an online registry where supporters can shop for gifts like toys, beds, food, and more for the future cats!

2021 will be our year!