March Updates

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On March 16, 2020, Cassie’s Cats received its official determination letter stating nonprofit approval. We’re nearly a year out from there and feel proud of what we’ve accomplished and the groundwork we’ve laid in the midst of a global pandemic. We are ready to secure a lease and start moving things ever closer to the dream of opening a lounge and adoption center for rescued cats in Ventura! I (Jennifer) will be running the lounge and have had my first covid vaccination. Things are moving in the right direction, finally.

To date, Cassie’s Cats has raised over $12,700 in financial donations and has had over $1000 in in-kind donations. We have another $6500 promised to us as well. To have this kind of support before we even open our doors shows us that our community supports what we are trying to do and wants to see this dream come to life so more cats can have better lives.

We are up to about 512 followers on Facebook and nearly 500 on Instagram. We encourage our supporters to share our social media posts and accounts so that more people who love cats can find us and follow us.

We (Jennifer) recently had a chance to visit Purrmaid Cafe and Adoption Center in Camarillo and talk with the owner there. If you haven’t had a chance to visit, please do! They are also a nonprofit with the same core mission: to help rescued cats find safe, loving, permanent homes. Their generosity of both spirit and time is so appreciated!

Our fundraising through our online shop continues in earnest. In 2021 we’ve already sold 176 masks! We’ve also begun selling small and medium zipper pouches and we’re adding new prints as we can. We even have cute new oval logo stickers that you can add to any order for just $2.

We’re currently without fosters at Jennifer’s house, and things seem much quieter. We’ll see how long that lasts. =^..^=


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We are so ready to sign a lease and get this show moving. As of today, about 4% of Ventura County has had both doses of the covid vaccine. The 7-day case rate is 26.2 per 100,000; to move from the purple tier to the red tier it needs to drop to 7 or lower. Hospitalizations have been dropping significantly which is great to see.

We’ve found one potential place to lease and are waiting to hear back on a couple of questions. It looks like a good location with a good lease rate, so fingers and paws crossed that this might be the one! It’ll need some work – new flooring (or at least see what’s under that carpet), fresh paint, creating a front desk area, creating a private space for cats and volunteers, and so on – but we figure any place is going to need most of that.

We have a gift registry ready to go so people can donate toys, food, litter, and other goodies to the future cats – can’t wait to share that with everyone, too! =^..^=

Looking forward to this being a reality!

February Updates

Things seem to be off to a good start for 2021. Storm and Cloud have been adopted, and we’re working to get Hurricane and Rain into their forever homes. Maybe even together, if we can! We’ve toured four retail spaces with feelers out for a couple more. One in particular would be great as long as the money is there month in and month out to pay the bills. It’s spacious and light and purrfect for a cat lounge. Wish we had a crystal ball to tell us what our future holds! We have faith that we’ll get the right place at the right time, that visitors and adopters will come, and that the support we need will be there! Once we’ve been open we should be able to pursue grants, too.

We set a goal to raise $1000/month through in-kind and financial donations and so far things are going well there. We’ve had fabric donated which has been terrific. A fat quarter usually makes 4 masks. Depending on the print, we can get upwards of 16 masks from a full yard of fabric. We’re looking at new fabrics to line the masks with and the possibility of adding a filter pocket.

We’ve sold a few pouches already and have a pattern we like now for a smaller pouch. Just need to get some sewn up! If the weather continues to be sunny, and if COVID-19 cases continue to drop, we may hold another pop-up shop in the next month or so.

In the near future we will be adding some education pages to the website, things like what to expect when you bring a new cat home, how to introduce animals, what’s normal for kitten behavior, etc. if you have suggestions for other topics we’d love to hear them!

As always, thank you for your support. Without supporters we wouldn’t be able to pursue this dream of helping more cats find safe, loving, permanent homes. 💗

January 1, 2021

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Here we are at the start of a new year. This time last year we were putting the finishing touches on all of our documents so that we could file as a corporation and then apply for tax-exempt status. We started a Facebook page in February but didn’t promote it right away, as we wanted to be sure our nonprofit status would be approved. We opened our bank account at the end of March (thank you to Carmen at Bank of the Sierra for making that happen when the shut-down was brand-new and businesses were reeling!). Since then we’ve raised money, researched retail spaces, made new friends, and reached more supporters both locally and across the country.

We’re starting the new year feeling supported and encouraged. We can see that the idea of a cat lounge and adoption center in Ventura appeals to people, as does the mission of saving more cats and kittens. One of our big goals, once we have the lounge open, is to expand our network of volunteers, train fosters as needed, and involve more of our community in our efforts.

As we begin 2021 I wanted to record a few numbers, as I think it’s good to be able to look back and see progress. Eventually, we’ll be able to track cat adoptions!!! We’ve raised nearly $12,000. We have 412 Facebook followers and 394 Instagram followers. In 2020 we fostered 19 cats and kittens. Of those, 4 are still here in foster and 1 is still waiting to be adopted (Sequoia, now known as Teba, at Greyfoot). We’ll continue to raise money with handmade items like masks, toys, and note cards, and we’re adding zipper pouches to the store later this month too! Once the lounge is open we envision having those things for sale as well as t-shirts and other items. If you haven’t seen our Bonfire t-shirts and sweatshirts, take a look!

If you’d like to get more involved this year I encourage you to fill out a volunteer application. I’d also suggest following us on Facebook or Instagram to keep up with our activities. Once there’s more to report we’ll send out regular newsletter updates as well. Once we have a place leased we’ll share an online registry where supporters can shop for gifts like toys, beds, food, and more for the future cats!

2021 will be our year!

December Updates

It’s kind of hard to believe the final month of 2020 is here. I know January of 2021 won’t magically be all better but I have hope that overall, 2021 will be better than 2020!

Some updates to the data I like to track:

  1. We’ve had 70 people (that we know of!) support us through financial donations, participating in fundraisers, and/or in-kind donations.
  2. We started with seed money of $130 the day we opened our bank account and now have about $5400 in there.
  3. We’ve sold at least 125 masks since August.
  4. We have over 350 Facebook followers and over 350 Instagram followers.
  5. We’ve fostered 19 cats and kittens.
  6. We’ve had 3 newspaper interviews.
  7. We’ve spoken to 1 volunteer mentor from SCORE and 1 commercial real estate broker for advice as we move forward.

So what’s to come? We’re making a big push to raise $3000 by the end of the year. Donations to Cassie’s Cats are tax-deductible so we hope our supporters will consider that as they make end-of-year donations. We need our mission to be shared with others in Ventura and the surrounding communities as well as further out, to anyone who shares our values and wants to see cats and kittens finding their “fur”ever homes! Rent in midtown Ventura is not cheap but we want to be visible and attract as many visitors and potential adopters as we can.

Ways to donate:

  1. Use the yellow PayPal button at the bottom of any page
  2. Mail a check (use the contact form for our current mailing address)
  3. Send us a donation through Venmo (Jennifer-Thompson-75)
  4. Make a purchase in our fundraising shop

As always, thank you for your continued support as we work to make this dream a reality!