January – March Check-In

The first three months of the year have officially come and gone and spring is here! We wanted to share a few highlights from the first quarter of 2024.

Adoptions: 10 cats and kittens have found their forever homes so far this year, bringing our overall total since opening in June 2021 to 153 adoptions as of March 31st.

Current Residents: We have 12 cats living in the lounge right now: Charlotte, Dotty, Hanna, Noah, Pepper, Princess, Sassy (being adopted 4/11/24), Sizzle, Sophie, Spencer, Spice, and Star (being adopted 4/9/24). Princess has been with us the longest (14 months) and is also our oldest kitty (around 13+ years old). We have 5 kittens in foster who we pulled from the Apple Valley shelter: Catrina, Greycie, Harry Pawter, Ravenpaw, and Ron Whiskerley. They are roughly 9-10 weeks old and will be spayed/neutered once they hit 3 pounds. They are not yet available for adoption.

Lounge Improvements: We had safety film applied to the inside of all the front windows to increase their strength in the event of an earthquake or malicious intent on the part of a human. We also bought new cushions that were custom fit to the benches in the lounge. We replaced the original gray rugs with new blue rugs.

Medical Expenses: We helped Freya with two teeth extractions. During a vet exam for another reason it was found that she had two old fractures and we learned that those teeth needed to be removed. Freya healed well and is now living with her forever family! We also purchased more flea treatments, dewormers, and vaccines.

Volunteers: We have roughly 20 dedicated volunteers, including many who volunteer multiple times each week! Thanks to Jackie, Al, Robin, Brian, Shannon, Donna, Kay, Dani, Michele, Michael, Barbara, Bryant, Laura, Jennifer R., Jen F., Karla, Veaya, Marnae, Maddy, Beverly, and Melanie.

Food and Litter Donations: We have had roughly $2246 worth of food and litter donated so far this year! These donations help immensely and allow us to use the money the lounge brings in to cover rent, utilities, Internet, insurance, security, and vet bills.

TNR Support: Through front desk jar donations we have raised $164 so far this year to help local volunteer trappers with the crucial work they are doing to help curb the overpopulation of cats and reduce suffering. We have also donated dry and wet food for them to use when trapping and share with the kind-hearted people who will continue to feed the feral cats on their property.

Valentine Hearts Fundraiser

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Our Valentine hearts are back! This year they will be displayed on the plexiglass facing the main lounge. Each heart is $14 and you can write as much as you’d like on your heart. Our goal is 100 hearts! You can honor a cat (or cats) who is currently at the lounge; a cat (or cats) who has been adopted; your own cats (past and/or present); or any other cherished kitties in your life.

You can stop by the lounge in person or you can donate online and let us know what you’d like written on your heart(s). On the Donate page you can enter a custom amount ($14 per heart). When you check out there is a box for comments where you can let us know how to personalize your heart(s). You can also use Venmo (username is cassies-cats).

Events: Yoga and Puzzles

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We have two Yoga with Cats classes scheduled and another jigsaw puzzle tournament.

Yoga with Cats is on Sunday, February 11th and Sunday, March 10th, from 10:30am-12pm. The jigsaw puzzle tournament is Saturday, March 23rd from 2-4pm.

Please visit our Events page for details and to reserve your spaces!