Reading with the Cats – TIME CHANGE

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NOTE: Time has been changed to 1:30-2pm to better match the nap time of the cats!

We invite younger kids (10 and under) to come to the lounge with a parent or guardian and read to or with the cats! They can bring a favorite book or borrow one from us. The special time for this event is 1:30 – 2pm on Thursday, June 17. The cost is $5/child, and parents/guardians are free. If this goes well we will add future reading dates! Please sign up below, and only add children as attendees (but be sure there is at least one parent or guardian attending as well).

Volunteer Orientations

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We are offering a volunteer orientation session later this month on Saturday, June 19th. If you would like to volunteer in the lounge as a host (answering questions, keeping things clean, interacting with cats and people, etc.) you will need to attend an orientation session. If you can’t attend this one, more will be held over the summer. To volunteer in the lounge as a host, you must be at least 16 years old. We hope to add more volunteer opportunities for younger people down the road.

The orientation is scheduled to last an hour, from 10 am – 11 am. Please sign up below.

Increased Hours, Volunteer Opportunities

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We have 4 delightful cats in the lounge now and have increased our available hours. By mid-June we aim to offer regular days and hours for both reservations and walk-ins, and we hope to be able to bring in more rescued kitties for visits and adoptions. Right now you can come meet Bettie, Michael, Missy, and Mittens. All four are friendly. Missy isn’t a lap cat but the other three definitely are. Bettie is the shyest of the bunch but loves human attention. All four are estimated to be between 3-6 years old and will make wonderful companions to their lucky adopters. In the meantime, they are happy in the lounge and being well taken care of. You can what availability we have at any time by going to the Reservations page and checking the calendar at the bottom of that page.

We will be scheduling some volunteer orientations later this month. Once you’ve gone through an orientation you’ll be able to volunteer in the lounge and will receive access to our online sign-up. If you’ve already submitted a volunteer application you’ll be getting an email about the orientation sessions. Volunteering in the lounge as a host will involve socializing with the cats, welcoming guests, answering questions, gently but firmly enforcing policies when needed, cleaning litter boxes, cleaning/sanitizing the lounge, and anything else that might need to be done. If you volunteer to help open or close additional duties will be involved such as heavier cleaning, feeding the cats, taking out trash, etc. If you want to help in other ways (photography, marketing, special events) we will have opportunities for that too.

Hope to see you at the lounge soon!

Limited Visits Now Available

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We are going to offer some *very* limited lounge visits over the next 5 days. We have one super sweet cat living there now named Bettie, and we would love to have some visitors for her! 💙 Visits will be limited to just 2 people at a time and the price will be $5 per person for 30 minutes. You can see a very nice kitty and get a sneak peek at the lounge too! Reservations are required, as are masks. You can sign up for a visit here: Come say hello to Bettie (and help us work out any bugs in our systems, ha ha!).


Moving Right Along!

The lounge is ready for cats and we are currently working with some local shelters and rescues, identifying kitties that will be good candidates for the lounge’s communal living environment. We were hoping to open in May – and we may still be able to! – but it all depends on having kitties who are comfortable and ready for visitors. We’re currently exploring the possibility of having limited hours and fewer visitors at a time if we aren’t at the capacity of kitties we’re hoping for. So we are looking at more of a “soft” opening until we can have a more “grand” opening. The mission has always been to help rescued cats and kittens find safe, loving, permanent homes, and we are definitely getting closer to being to do that with the lounge!

Pandora and her four kittens are still in foster with us. Pandora will be spayed on Monday and then go home to her furever home. She is a delightful, loving, playful cat and we’re so glad that she will have a loving home. Olive, Filo, Fig, and Honey are also already spoken for and will be getting spayed/neutered and then going home the first week of June. They are growing and developing perfectly and couldn’t be more fun! We will miss having that kitten energy around. We’ve been fostering basically nonstop since just before the covid shutdowns began in March of 2020, and the house will seem much quieter once we say goodbye to these sweethearts.

There is a video showing off the lounge on Facebook. We’ve made a few changes since then including a screen door between the lobby and the lounge and a slipcover for the white sofa, among other things.

We had a very generous donation come in and are so appreciative of all the support we’ve had for our future kitties. If you would like to contribute anything, food and litter will always be great! You can make a financial donation too and it’s tax-deductible. Our Support page gives all the details.

Looking forward to welcoming visitors to the lounge just as soon as we can!